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UPDATE 23.06.20

We can now tell you that we have received confirmation from the Government that we can open on the 4th July!

We have taken the necessary measures and precautions for the safety of our clients

  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands before coming to the salon and sanitise their hands on entry.
  • Masks will also be provided to clients on entry if required (we have a wide range of varieties of masks ranging from disposable to KN95 Certified masks). Some masks are also available to purchase from our products page https://thecuttingclubkingston.com/products
  • As well as this each client’s temperature will be checked with an infra-red thermometer before they come in.
  • By entering the salon clients are confirming that : they have not been diagnosed with or cared for somebody with the virus, they currently or in the past two weeks do not / have not had any symptoms of the virus or been in contact with anybody who has developed symptoms and that they will follow all salon rules to keep themselves and their stylist safe.
  • Unfortunately, only a maximum of 2 clients will be permitted into the salon. Each client will be at the opposite ends of the salon (a distance of over a metre).
  • Everything will be disinfected after each client.
  • Our staff will wash their hands regularly and certainly after each client at the very least. Staff will also wear a mask and a visor. All staff have also been reminded that they must self-isolate if they have had contact with anyone with / had any symptoms of the virus for 14 days (as per the Government’s advice).
  • There will also be a screen between the clients and staff when each client’s hair is washed. And only one client’s hair will be washed at each time rather than two.
  • The salon will also be very well ventilated.
  • The salon will also be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Unfortunately we have had to remove all our magazines and we will not be able to provide any food or drink to any client.
  • Finally, we also ask that where possible clients do not bring personal belongings (including jackets) into the salon otherwise they will be required to be placed into a bag on entry into the salon.

This is all being done for your safety and we have placed you interests at heart. As ever thank you for your co-operation, support and understanding during this uncertain period.

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